Wednesday, March 5, 2008


If you ever doubted the increasing need for strong Biblical leadership, some statistics I ran across reading recently should end all doubt. I know I found it very sobering. The point of the study detailed in the book is how Christians of the younger generation (23-41 in this case) view their faith as contrasted with the older generation.

As a sample, here's the percent of self-described born again Christians who thought the following activities were morally acceptable:

Sexual thoughts/Fantasies about someone: 57% -vs- 35%
Sex outside marriage: 44% -vs- 23%
Using profanity: 37% -vs- 17%
Looking at Pornography: 33% -vs- 19%
Homosexuality: 28% -vs- 13%
Having an abortion: 32% -vs- 27%

The difference in the views of the older and younger generation didn’t strike me so much as how high ALL the numbers were. Imagine – if those statistics hold, over two hundred people who walked into MGEFC last weekend are of the opinion that it is morally acceptable to kill an unborn child and almost that many have no problem with pornography.

A sad twist to all this is the fact that all age groups overwhelmingly agree that using the “f-word” on broadcast TV is wrong with only ~6% of the opinion that it was morally acceptable. Not that it’s OK and all sin is sin, but something has gone horribly astray when swearing on TV rates higher than killing an unborn child.


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